Residential Waste and Recycling Survey

Finance Department

Waste Collection


Curbside waste collection is a service provided to property owners by the City of Sarnia.

The Province of Ontario recently passed legislation called the Waste Free Ontario Act which moves the Province and it citizens in the direction of achieving overall elimination of landfilled waste.

Sarnia households on a year over year average, generate approximately 6 tonnes of waste per year.


Sarnia Waste Collected from Curbside Residential Service

Description 2014 2015 2016
Waste Collected (in tonnes)



Average Per Household (in tonnes) 6.236 6.111 6.136


Costs of Waste Collection

Description 2014 2015 2016
Net Cost of Waste Collection $1,081,251.84 $1,063,961.52 $1,070,556.15
Cost Per Household Per Year $31.26 $30.59 $30.80


Recycling Collection and Processing


Collection of recyclable materials is an integral part of the services provided to property owners in order to reduce the overall amount of waste going to landfill.

Recycling processors in the area take a different mix of materials and in different formats. The City’s current contracted processor has the ability to receive recyclable material in a single stream.  Therefore separating containers, glass and plastics, paper and fibre materials is not required.

There is a possibility that the new contracted processor may or may not be a single stream processor. If that is the case, the separation of items would be required to meet the needs of the processor.


Recycling Collected

The following table provides a list of the weight of recycling material collected from residential curbside collection.

Description 2014 2015 2016
Recycling 4,612 4,420 4,976

(Weight in tonnes)


Costs of Recycling

The following table provides the overall cost of recycling. This includes collection, processing and off-setting revenue from the sale of the processed material.

Description 2013 2015 2016
Recycling Revenue $666,154.94 $693,767.13 $726,198.01
Net Cost $720,921.37 $739,950.20 $701,236.48
Net Cost Per Household $21.03 $21.27 $20.17


Compostable Material Collection and Processing


Currently, all yard waste, brush and Christmas trees are collected and processed at the City of Sarnia Compost site located at 333 St. Andrew Street.

Brush and Christmas trees is processed into wood mulch and is sold to citizens, businesses or utilized by the City operations teams. Currently the collection of brush is completed five (5) times per year and the collection of Christmas trees is once annually in January.

Yard waste, including grass and leaves, collection currently is scheduled with the bulk of the days in late October / November with the balance scheduled twice in April / May, and once in June, July, August, September and December. This is to accommodate the amount of leaves that households in the fall months with the balance of collections spread out to cover spring cleanup and summer months yard waste generation.


Compostable Materials Collected

The following table provides the weight of residential curbside collection for compostable materials collected.

Description 2014 2015 2016
Yard Waste 4,437 4,349 4,412
Christmas Trees 29 33 30
Brush 249 286 232
Total Compostable Collected 4,715 4,668 4,674
Organic Residue 708 861 807
Total Compostable Available for Market 4,007 3,807 3,867

(Weight in tonnes)


Cost of Compostable Processing

The following table shows the costs of composting, including collection processing and off-setting revenue from the sale of material.

Description 2014 2015 2016
Net Total Cost of Composting $746,202.12 $778,382.48 $851,726.04
Annual Compost Costs Per Household $21.57 $22.38 $24.50


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